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Academy Translations was founded back in 1992 by Robert Kloiber, a practicing Electrical Engineer then. During his professional time he came across equipment manuals that were translated into English from another language. The quality wasn’t great and it was obvious to Robert that the translations were performed by someone who didn’t have the required engineering knowledge to understand what they were translating.

“We can do much better than this” said Robert in 1992 – and Academy Translations was borne…

What we must do on a personal level:
  • Earn our client’s trust
  • Aim for affordable pricing
  • Build a reputation of excellence
What we must do on a technical/language level:
  • Employ only translators that understand the subject
  • Use the latest computer technology to be competitive
  • Double-check all work prior to delivery

Our in-house

Project Managers:



Robert earned a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree before working in the fields of process control and automation in Austria and Australia for a combined 16 years. After attaining NAATI certification to become an accredited German-English and English-German translator, Robert established Academy Translations in 1992 to provide high-quality technical translations to industry.



Jessica earned a Bachelor of Science (Geology) (Honours) degree and worked in the mining and exploration industry throughout Australia. Having developed an interest in foreign languages while studying and travelling throughout south-east Asia and South America, Jessica joined the Academy Translations project management team in 2006.



Tina has worked as a localisation professional for over 12 years. She has travelled extensively overseas and spent two years in France working for the international translation company Lionbridge. Tina joined Academy Translations as a Project Manager in 2004, and also runs a successful Desktop Publishing business, DTP Essentials, servicing the localisation industry.



Rob has a Bachelor of Applied Science in physics and a Graduate Diploma in computing, as well as many years’ experience creating end-user documentation and web-based performance support solutions for SAP and PeopleSoft implementations. Rob has worked all over Australia and overseas including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, USA and Canada. He joined Academy Translations in 2005.


If you are a professional translator with a background in any field of engineering, science, finance or law, please send your CV to the email address on our Contacts page.



the most popular questions

Q: How much will it cost?

A:  Translation cost is calculated per translated word. As a ballpark figure you can work with a cost of approximately AU$ 70 per standard page.

Q: How quickly can you complete the work?

A:To give you an indication of speed, a translator can produce approximately 2000 words per day. Using an example of a 10,000 word document, the time required including checking and admin work is about 8 working days. However, in special cases we have often produced very urgent translations overnight.

Q: How do you ensure quality? Our reputation overseas is positively influenced by accurate translations.

A: Producing quality translations has been at the forefront of our minds since inception of the company. By using only translators and proof-readers that have the necessary technical background we can achieve this goal. Quality people cost more to engage, but the result is worth it every time.

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“Your ability to deliver a first class product is excellent, proven after many years of valuable service to our company. Academy Translations understands our needs and requirements and delivers in the required format and on time.”


“Academy has proven to be an invaluable service provider, and also coach on techniques. They have knowledge of translation, IT and industrial electronics, general technology and the competence to deliver translations.”


“Our software sales success, particularly in the Netherlands, couldn’t have occurred without the great support of Academy Translations.”

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